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About Us | ETRO TV Repair Service

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The main specialty of ETRO TV Repair Bangalore, Karnataka is to work for the satisfaction of the customers. The working team that we have is efficient and can multitask in an excellent manner, which ensures that you can approach a single platform for all LED repair and LCD TV repair services.

The Company has about 20 years added to its experience and thus has turned out to be one of the best in its field. No matter where you reside, our repair services can be approached all over Bangalore so when hell breaks loose with all the “#Home_Based_Appliances” you don’t have to worry about anything.

Affordability is a term that we would like to associate with our name. Unlike other repair service providers which ask for huge credits, we make sure that the work can be done within your budget range so that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket.

Punctuality is one of the features of ETRO TV Repair. This is because, whenever you are looking forward to getting your work done in a hurry, ETRO TV Repair is the perfect place. Our skilled team reaches you within your desirable time span and will get everything fixed just in time for you to use the appliances.

Name a brand and we have the parts for all. We are apt in work when it comes to #Repairing_LCD_and_LED, along with other devices such as washing machines, microwave and a lot more. Our experience has made our working mechanism smooth in a way that no matter how complicated the repair is, we are able to fix all.

We offer the #Same_Day_Service * – which means that the servicing will be done right on the day the phone call arrives. Earlier were the days when finding an #TV_Repair_Service used to be a lot of hassle. But not anymore! Now we are just a single click or call away from you, and you can avail our services right at the comfort of your home or office.

We have an excellent team who understand and value the time of the TV owners and also cater to their needs. The owner can be absolutely sure of the fact that the TVs will be taken care of in an ample manner – and an elevated level of service will be provided by us.

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Steps to take a TV from the Customer to Company and From Company to Customer :

TV from the Customer to Company:


1) Customer Contact to US / We Contact to customer as per the customer complaint details.

2)Our Technician will call to customer to fix a appointment.

3)Technician Visits the place where the repair will be done.


4.1)If the problem is minor Technician Repairs at the home and take the respective charges according to company norms.

4.2)If the problem is major Technician Carries Customer TV in our service center and will be repaired his TV.

From Company to Customer


1)When TV is get repaired so we Delivered the TV to Customer when the appointment will be fixed.