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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you change the main board/mother board of LED TV/ LCD TV?

If the motherboard of the Specified TV is affected from that problem which is never repaired so we will replaced it with a new one.

2. Do you provide All LED TV ,LCD TV Brands Repair Service?

Yes, We can repair all brands of TV including brands like Samsung, LG, VU, Philips, Onida, Sony, Micromax,Toshiba etc. in Bangalore[All Areas].

3. Does ETRO TV Repair help me in repairing plasma tv repair near me?

Yes, Our Engineers & customer care support is enough to do help in you with plasma tv repair for all major brands.

4. Will my LED TV/ LCD TV/PLASMA TV/CRT TV be fixed at my doorstep?

ETRO TV Repair, Provides LED TV /LCD TV /PLASMA TV /CRT TV doorstep repair in Bangalore. If the problem is minor so it will be repaired at your home otherwise we will carry your TV in our service center for the major repair.

5. Do you repair the TV during the warranty period?

No, We respected the brands and if the TV is in warranty we only say that please do repair with their respective brands. If the service done by us so it may void your manufacturer’s warranty. If the repair isn’t covered under your warranty, it’s best to go ahead with our Technicians.

6. Do you bring all the materials required for the repair?

Yes, our company will bring all the required materials to repair the TV. The product is duly checked by our professionals.

7. Do you charge for inspection and diagnosis of the problem?

Yes, A Visiting Charges is charged for inspection and diagnosis of the problem. However, it will be charged only if you don’t wish to avail the service. On availing the repair service from us, inspection charge will be waived off* (T&C Apply).

8. Do you provide TV wall mounting service?

Yes, we do provide TV wall mount fitting service near by our business place. We will charge a minimal cost for wall mount TV and TV wall mount charges *(Charges varies depending on your location).

9. Do you sell TV spare parts?

No, we do not sell spare parts.

10. Do you change the display and IC of the TV?

If the IC(CHIP) & Display of the TV are not repaired in any case then it will be replaced.

11. Can you repair the broken screen of my LED TV?

Broken TV screens can’t be repaired and will have to be replaced. Replacement of the screen costs almost close to the price of a new TV. It will be wiser to replace the TV with a new one instead of replacing the screen.

12. How do you decide the charges for LED TV repair?

The charges are calculated based on the type of the service/repair & the skills/material required for completing the job.

13. If spare parts are required for the repair, do I need to pay for them in advance?

If the professional ask to buy the materials, then you may pay the money in advance so that the company professional can be able to make payment with your money while purchasing the part. A new part cost is always charged.

14. How do I reschedule my booking?

You can reschedule your booking only by contacting us on our customer care number 080 60000444, or drop us a mail at info@etrotvrepair.com .

Why ETRO TV Repair Bangalore?

  • One Stop For All TV Repair Services: You Don’t need to go anywhere for TV Repair.
  • You Select Your Expert: Our Trained and experienced TV technicians are always available at your service.
  • When To Pay? You Decide! Pay complete/partial(For new Parts) amount in advance ,However you need to pay the Visiting Charges.

Steps of our work:-

1) Get your TV repaired by our professionals & don’t miss important NEWS, Sports, Entertainment.

2) Background verified & experienced engineers, with reasonable rates

3)Final price to be quoted on inspection of scope of work

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